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specialized in armoring all types of vehicles since 1981 ...

armor international colombia

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armor international colombia

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Armor Plant of 11,000-square-meter

armor international colombia

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Armor International has specialized in armoring all types of vehicles since 1981, including automobiles, SUVs, helicopters, aircrafts, locomotives, trains, buildings, and boats. It provides armored vests and accessories and often undertakes special projects. .

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Armor of maximum performance

Its production capabilities with modern equipment and a highly trained staff have allowed Armor International to be listed among the world’s most trustable and advanced armoring manufacturers.

Armor Distributors

recognized by the most prestigious organizations worldwide

The company’s large international distributor network encompasses America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

Recent Armor Posts

The Tactical vehicle Hunter TR-12 in Colombia

More than 3 years in service

Initially designed for the army, it has nowadays a great acceptance from the police and the public security organizations. Thanks to its design, it can enter in difficult zones and provide support in places where it would not be possible to arrive by any other means.

Land Rover Autobiography

Top Level Armor - to Luxury vehicles

High resistant armor to luxury vehicles like Land Rover Autobiobrapgy, Audi S7, Q7, BMW 760Li, Mercedes Benz S500 and others. Capacity to produce special armor to presidents.

Aviation Armor - Aircraft Protection

Armor Kits to Bell 412 Helicopters

The experience of the division includes helicopters like the Black Hawk, Bell, Sikorsky, Mil Mi and small planes like the Turbo-Thrush, among others. These aircrafts are commonly used in the war against drugs and terrorism.

specials armor


locomotive armor

Train and Rail road Protection.

Armor International’s locomotive armor is designed to provide trains and railroad vehicles with maximum protection. Trains are among the most difficult vehicles to armor, as they can’t move away from oncoming attacks.

This means they must be able to withstand multiple shots. In addition, many locomotives operate in extreme climates, ranging from desert to snow. The materials used to armor them must be able to withstand these changes. Finally, a locomotive’s transmission, engine, cooling and electrical systems are different from those of any other vehicle.